New Music & Tour Dates coming soon!

We’ve got a lot of things in progress….

We’ve confirmed that we’ll be showcasing at Canadian Music week on Saturday March 14th at Holy Joe’s, in Toronto. So spread the word!

In addition, we’ll be performing a few shows in Western NY – so if you can’t cross the border – do not fret! we’ll have details for you soon.

Additional tour dates on the West Coast in Feb and April are in the works as well.

We’ve also announced that we’ll be releasing a digital only album called “Shapes and Variations” some time this year. It will be a collection of our signature reharmonized and rearranged covers. with songs by The Black Keys, INXS, Joe Jackson, Lykke Li, Gnarles Barkley and many more!
ROBOTANISTS: Shapes and Variations (Covers Album)

It will be available on itunes and everywhere else on the web worldwide… Just like our current CD “Close Down the woods” buy it now on itunes (and every where else), or get a physical copy at The ROBOTANISTS Store

Close down the Woods (EP) by ROBOTANISTS

Amidst all this we just started working on songs for our first full length, which we’ll hopefully have done by the end of the year. So stay tuned!

See you on the road soon!

xo sarah / robotanists


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