The Spring 2009 issue of RAGGED Presented by Filter Magazine is now available online at and features an exclusive interview with this issue’s “Emerging Artist,” L.A.’s ROBOTANISTS.

Inside the pages you’ll also find exclusive features and photos with, Andrew McMahon aka Jack’s Mannequin, The Von Bondies, Great Northern, Asobi Seksu, Anya Marina, The Knux and more.

Here’s a preview of the interview by Kyle Lemmon of Filter with ROBOTANISTS:

“The dualism implied in the name of the Los Angeles band Robotanists is no misnomer. The quartet, led by husband and wife Daniel de Blanke and Sarah Ellquist thrives on toeing the line between nature’s fragility and the imperviousness of cold steel. Both Ellquist and De Blanke came from classical backgrounds before realizing that attending stifling Bach recitals wasn’t their cup of tea. A mutual appreciation for the cinematic qualities of Radiohead and Mogwai morphed into a slightly more pop form with the addition of Robotanists’ beating heart: Keith Boyarsky (bass) and Preston Scott Phillips (drums, percussion). Here, the filmic band lets Ragged break down its inner workings and dissect its new EP, Close Down the Woods, its history of using visual elements, and its evolution as a band…” CONTINUE READING

Also available to download, RAGGED Presented by Filter, Issues 1-5 for free, featuring RAGGED alumni such as Tegan and Sara, Silversun Pickups, Kate Nash, Rooney, Uh Huh Her, Q-Tip and many, many more!


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