Blast Off!


Our own Daniel DeBlanke is on tour with White Sea right now and they kicked off in Oakland! Check out these pics and reviews of their first show! More dates being added — then we’ll be back in the studio working on a robotanists record finally!!!!! It’s been too long.

New Seven Saturdays video feat. ROBOTANISTS’ Daniel DeBlanke!

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Check out our very own Daniel DeBlanke (also of WESTERN BELLS) performing with Seven Saturdays in this new live music video for the song “XXX.” The track also features Rachel Stolte of Great Northern.

back from the basement…

So we’ve been in and out of the studio for a year now, writing ROBOTANISTS tracks and recording other musical projects… anyways we wrote this song for a movie. We’ll let you hear more of it soon we promise! Dont worry those other musical projects will have releases soon too! xo sarah

Closer to Perfection

Auld Lang Syne my dears…

It’s been a quiet year for us on the surface but behind the scenes we’ve been busier than ever before… we’ve been painstakingly writing all year, and during the process discovered a second bloodline of music — one we’ve called WESTERN BELLS. So, Daniel DeBlanke and myself (Sarah) have been performing and writing as two bands at once and it’s been kind of crazy… oh and we scored a film!

The good news is, 2014 will be amazing and crazy! We’ll have a new ROBOTANISTS album, a debutWESTERN BELLS album and bunch of shows before long. Till then… Here’s a Free Download to sing along with at all of your New Years parties!


Free download from Hunnypot!

Download the latest Hunnypot Music Sampler for free tracks from ROBOTANISTS, SEVEN SATURDAYS, FAR EAST MOVEMENT, AND MORE!hp-comp-album-art-vol-14

Check us out on MTV’s ‘Scrubbing In’

Listen up for ROBOTANISTS on the last 2 episodes of MTV‘s new hit show, Scrubbing In.

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Episode 3 features “Getting By” and Episode 4 features “Wait a Minute Here,” both from our album CLOSE DOWN THE WOODS

Check out full episodes on MTV or at

Other featured artists include, Nico Vega, The Royal Concept, Shiny Toy Guns, and other3. For more info about the music on these episodes visit MTV’s Soundtrack Blog.



Happy Halloween!

Hey!  Look who stopped by the Hunnypot Closing Night Halloween Party at the Billboard / Hollywood Reporter Film & TV Music Conference… fancy.
Check out more pics here!