How to (accidentally) disappear completely

A while back we recorded a live session at the House of Rock studio. We hadn’t performed in a few months, but had a few new songs swirling around, so we decided to perform a few and jump-start our new record. We got home, listened through the sessions and liked what we heard… but as anyone who has ever written a collection of songs knows, you often find yourself shifting directions on a whim, and the songs that you love suddenly don’t fit in. We played one show after that session and then one by one we slashed out our favorites. The new songs that emerged were something else entirely – something not quite “ROBOTANISTS.”


photo by Olivia Hemaratanatorn 

There’s a funny thing that happens when you’ve been in a band for a while. The music takes on its own identity. You build walls to keep you on-track musically. No matter how much the music evolves it still has an inherent sameness.

But for those that create, the heart and mind often wander beyond genres, and impulse dictates direction.  That being said, ROBOTANISTS for us, is progressive, it’s somber, its sexy and spiteful and hopelessly romantic, but guarded.  What we began to write following that last session wasn’t any of those things… WESTERN BELLS was born.

There’s a misperception that bands change their names to feel fresh and new, but this was not a “name change,” it was something else entirely that could breathe and exist on its own.  That realization sent us into a tailspin of demo making. We wrote an album, scored a film, and performed as a duo then a trio.

Before we could finish the WESTERN BELLS album that derailed us completely, we were approached to write a song inspired by an action film. Everything changed, once again. ROBOTANISTS was back, and those House of Rock songs were off the table.

So now we’re back at square one, writing a brand new album — a “Michael Bay” album, unlike anything you’ve heard from us. It’s full of action, suspense, guitars and synths and you will hear it before the end of the year. WE PROMISE (well, we’ll try at least).


In the meantime, check out our other projects… WESTERN BELLS and our delightfully sweet pop duo, LAMB SHARK, and go see Daniel DeBlanke on tour with WHITE SEA in May and June!

Oh and what about all those scrapped demos from 2012 and 2013 we’ll probably give them away for free soon. Stay tuned.

xo sarah

Live tracks from the studio…

We recently stopped by the HOUSE OF ROCK to do a live session presented by Hunnypot Unlimited and Blue Microphones. We played a few songs, old and new and snapped a few pics while we were there.  Check out this exclusive live track from the session!

(Photos & Cinematography by Olivia Hemaratanatorn  //

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These live tracks, fan requested covers and a few PLANS IN PROGRESS B-sides will appear on our album SOUVENIRS, coming out soon!

Surprise In-Studio Performance and other news…

As you might have noticed, we’ve been in hiding for a bit… writing, recording, and working on side projects. We’ve got a collection of covers by request coming out soon called SOUVENIRS, and we started a string quartet companion to Plans in Progress, that we might or might not release.

We’ve also been busy working on  a brand new record (you might have seen us perform a new song or two over the summer)! We’ve always written and recorded albums while touring, but this time around we’re trying to take some time off from the stage and see where it takes us. Wish us luck!

In the meantime, we’ll be performing and broadcasting a live recording session, presented by Blue Microphones & Hunnypot Music,  from THE HOUSE OF ROCK, to a very small group of  fans. We’re going to have a less than a dozen guest list slots, so email or RSVP to this Facebook event for a chance to get on the teeny tiny guest list and we’ll throw your name into the hat!

The House of Rock features a $3.5 million studio designed by Grammy Award-winning music engineer and producer Jack Joseph Puig and Tyler Barth, with a series of drop glass light pendants hang above a curving, snake-skin patterned sofa, and ceilings soundproofed with cottons and silks designed to evoke a piano keyboard. (oh la la)

High profile record labels, charities and artists have called the House of Rock  home this year (Christina Aguilera recently debuted her new album there).  So it’s going to be a one of a kind performance, and experience for all!

We might play a few more surprise shows now and then, so sign up HERE to get the low down as soon as they happen!
See you soon!