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We’ve got lots of FREE download cards for our EP SOUVENIRS to give away tonight at our LA Weekly recommended show tonight in LA! Come on over and get em!

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“…a stirring, unexpectedly enchanting soundscape…” thanks LA Weekly!

LA WEEKLY was nice enough to give our upcoming Feb 25 show at Los Globos in Los Angeles, a shout out this week, and say a few nice words about our yet-to-be-released PLANS IN PROGRESS addendum / collection of fan-requested covers called SOUVENIRS.

Sarah Ellquist de Blanke’s dreamy vocals and her musical partner Daniel de Blanke’s shimmering synths give these new-wave and post-punk chansons a modern sheen, but the strangest track of all is their cover of Kenny Rogers‘ “Just Dropped in (to See What Condition My Condition Was in).” Rather than camping it up, Robotanists transform this corny country-music standard into a stirring, unexpectedly enchanting soundscape, as Sarah’s languidly ethereal singing trails off in the haze of Daniel’s blended acoustic guitars and distant-thunder percussion.  Sometimes the most beautiful things happen in the strangest of places. — By Falling James

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We’ve been quietly working on the collection for a year or so in our spare time while sorting through requests to pick the final lucky 7, and working on a new album of original work. (…coming out later this year!!!!)

Admittedly, the Kenny Rogers tune was a favorite pick of ours as well – chosen (we hope) for its “Big Lebowski” relation.

Another fave is, 1984’s “The Karate Kid”  kick ass motivational song, “You’re the Best Around.” The track was the first one we completed and actually ended up being the inaugural track for’s  ‘pop cultures collide’ feature.

We got so many requests we would start them up then scrap them, and pick a few more, until they all felt like the right ones. In the end, we went for the weirder, the unknown, the over-covered and the unexpected, with only our fans in mind.

With plenty of noted covers under our belt, we were never really sure how, when or if we would release these, so we’ve just been casually floating the tracks around as we did them.  They’ve never been mastered or available to download until now, so we’re excited to finally reveal them as a collection.

Robotanists - Souvenirs - album cover

SOUVENIRS will be available as a free digital download with select purchase of the album, PLANS IN PROGRESS starting February 26th, or to buy on its own through our official store.

PS. We’re putting the finishing touches on it now, and hope to give away a few free download cards at our show in LA on Feb. 25!!! Hope to see you there!

From our last trip to Austin…

Big thanks to Holly Bronko who shared these previously unseen polaroids she took of us during our last trip to Austin. It was noon but felt like 5 am, all a little sleepy and hung over from a late SXSW show the night before.

We’re actually heading south again,  down to New Orleans  next week for some Mardi Gras R&R and Preston is bringing his Leica, so prepare for lots of fun pics soon… probably sleepy and a little hungover, just the same. Hope to see you again soon Austin! xo


Preston in Austin




We’ve spent the last a few months in hiding, working on new music and roaming the globe,  but, we’re happy to say we’re back for one night only!

Join us tonight for a live recording session from 


presented by Blue Microphones & Hunnypot Music  


5 – 8 pm pst (Live set @ 6 pm pst)

Go to the Hunnypot Unlimited website, click on the Hunnypot Radio page, and look for the EXTERNAL PLAYER link.


Go to Ustream through the Hunnypot Facebook page.
or ASK QUESTIONS LIVE via twitter to @JAHunnypot



 The House of Rock features a $3.5 million studio designed by Grammy Award-winning music engineer and producer Jack Joseph Puig and Tyler Barth, with a series of drop glass light pendants hang above a curving, snake-skin patterned sofa, and ceilings soundproofed with cottons and silks designed to evoke a piano keyboard. (oh la la)


The recording studio has been decorated with drop-glass light pendants and soundproofing panels in cottons and silks, but the studio's technical capabilities are what pushed the estimated cost to $3.5 million, Culotti said.


Surprise In-Studio Performance and other news…

As you might have noticed, we’ve been in hiding for a bit… writing, recording, and working on side projects. We’ve got a collection of covers by request coming out soon called SOUVENIRS, and we started a string quartet companion to Plans in Progress, that we might or might not release.

We’ve also been busy working on  a brand new record (you might have seen us perform a new song or two over the summer)! We’ve always written and recorded albums while touring, but this time around we’re trying to take some time off from the stage and see where it takes us. Wish us luck!

In the meantime, we’ll be performing and broadcasting a live recording session, presented by Blue Microphones & Hunnypot Music,  from THE HOUSE OF ROCK, to a very small group of  fans. We’re going to have a less than a dozen guest list slots, so email or RSVP to this Facebook event for a chance to get on the teeny tiny guest list and we’ll throw your name into the hat!

The House of Rock features a $3.5 million studio designed by Grammy Award-winning music engineer and producer Jack Joseph Puig and Tyler Barth, with a series of drop glass light pendants hang above a curving, snake-skin patterned sofa, and ceilings soundproofed with cottons and silks designed to evoke a piano keyboard. (oh la la)

High profile record labels, charities and artists have called the House of Rock  home this year (Christina Aguilera recently debuted her new album there).  So it’s going to be a one of a kind performance, and experience for all!

We might play a few more surprise shows now and then, so sign up HERE to get the low down as soon as they happen!
See you soon!

Taking Requests…

As you might remember, last year we released our 3rd album, PLANS IN PROGRESS, and we asked our fans to help us get it made! In exchange for their generosity, we asked them to submit cover requests. We’ve been pretty busy since that last album, but have finally sorted through the requests and picked out our favorites and will be assembling them under the name SOUVENIRS!

BUT WAIT! We’ve decided to let you pick the last track on the album! Send your requests via email, facebook or twitter, and let us know what you want to hear! 

Here are some of the tracks we’ve already recorded…

You’re the Best Around (Joe Esposito)
Only the Lonely (The Motels)
One Summer Night (The Danleers)
Hello Its Me (Todd Rundgren)
Bizarre Love Triangle (New Order)

and more


So let us know what you want to hear!

Photographic Evidence…

Thanks to everyone that made it out to our show last week at the Echo!  Here are a few photos from the show… more on the way! Check out the photographers’ websites by clicking on the pics!