Ideas as Opiates

Back in mid 2009 when we were barely a band and had just released our first EP, Close Down the Woods, an iTunes exec, along with Curt Smith’s blessing, commissioned us to record this track for an exclusive album that Tears for Fears was putting their stamp of approval on. It was to be a tribute album that would benefit the Alzheimer’s Association(a charity picked by the band). We were honored to be asked and so just as The Bird and the Bee, and a slew of other bands signed on and started recording tracks, so did we.In fact, the recording of this track kicked off the recording sessions for a bunch of other covers that eventually became Shapes and Variations.We were asked to cover “Ideas as Opiates” a track from Tears for Fears’ first album, The Hurting, and the B-side to their 1982 single “Mad World”. In our rendition we tried to spin a deep cut, presumably about religion being used as an opiate by the masses, into a song of longing and heartache.A year went by, we released our own covers album, and realized that at some point the project dissolved at iTunes, leaving a handful of bands with unreleased tracks in their back pockets. That’s just how things go sometimes.

So anyway, here is the track finally. The public domain footage below is from a 1935 sky writing demonstration. Enjoy!

Our label might eventually release the song digitally through iTunes as a single, but for now, you can only listen and download it HERE.

The song is available as a “name your own price” track, so you can get it for FREE, but If you’d like to pay more for it, we’ll donate the money to the  Alzheimer’s Association! You can also donate directly to the cause HERE.

BUY the original HERE, and watch this LIVE version!

On a side note, we heard that the title of the song was taken from a chapter name in Los Angeles Psychiatrist,  Arthur Janov’s 1980 book, Prisoners of Pain... check it out!