Nice things to say…

We’ve been rehearsing with our new string ensemble, THE ARTIFICIAL HEARTSTRINGS, and its getting us pretty excited for our next show at the TROUBADOUR!!!!!  We go on at 9 pm on Wednesday, and its ALL AGES, so bring the kids, its going to be a blast! Don’t forget, Andy Clockwise is headlining to celebrate the release of his new record THE SOCIALITE, so you won’t want to miss it! (BUY TICKETS)

Also, here’s some more recent press:


ALBUM REVIEW “A really ballsy rock n roll band. Beautiful, breathy vocals; style for miles; and epic compositional turns that pull you in without pretense.”


ALBUM REVIEW “…seductive and ethereal, Plans in Progress melds the mechanical (synthesizers, midi-sequencing etc.) with the mortal (i.e. real instruments played by humans) akin to the legendary lads from Abingdon, Oxfordshire along with the sleek sexuality (and grooves) of latter day Blondie and Everything But The Girl.”

402 PRODUCTIONS (San Francisco) >>

ALBUM REVIEW “Robotanists are dreamscape designers who know how to make a great, great record… “The Lack Thereof” begins with a country twang, transitions into melodic-ballad heaven, and crescendos into spacey bliss that is something you would hear from Philip Glass. The melody snowballs into echoey euphoric vocals that sent chills down my spine.”

PS. First 50 people at the box office on Weds. get a FREE DOWNLOAD of our new album!