ROBOTANISTS covers new RADIOHEAD album in a day

RADIOHEAD’s new album, THE KING OF LIMBS came out digitally this weekend, and we challenged ourselves to cover the entire album in just one day!

It wasn’t an easy project to tackle in such a short amount of time, but we did it (dor better or worse). With little sleep and amidst busy schedules, we dissected and reassembled each song as fast as we could then went into our studio and let each one materialize. We started with “Lotus Flower” and worked our way down and back up the record, ending with “Feral.” YIKES!

Giving ourselves a 24 hour time line, we scheduled about 3 hours per song over the course of the weekend… which was nearly impossible once we realized the rhythmic complexity and textural depth of the subtle collection.  Songs like “Codex” and “Give up the Ghost” developed themselves easily, in contrast to “Little by Little” which tried every last nerve we had (it was the only one we had to walk away from and come back to several times). We pained ourselves over turning the hauntingly flirty and ambiguously rhythm based track into a synth heavy pop song with clave and shakers, but when you only have a day (and you’ve made up your mind to complete the project), you’d be surprised at what your brain deems acceptable.

Since making our covers record, SHAPES AND VARIATIONS, we’ve become accustomed to making the music of others sound our own… but Radiohead had us beat from the very first track! Not knowing the material all that well in advance, we opted to stay true to the form (and harmony in most cases) of the originals and simply change the instrumentation and textures of each song, as transcribing the lyrics, harmony and mixed meters by ear, proved to be most time consuming.  Perhaps  after we’ve lived with RADIOHEAD’s versions of their songs for some time, we’ll start from scratch again and do a ONE WEEK version, and see what new journey the album takes us on.

See the results of our musical marathon on our YOUTUBE page, LISTEN BELOW, or click on the track list to stream audio and read lyrics exclusively at our ONLINE STORE.


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