A little end of year love…

Right after we sent out our 2010 wrap up we got a little more love for our covers record, released earlier this year, in anticipation of our new record…

ShutYourFuckingFaceAndListen.com gave us a few awesome shout outs for our covers record that came out earlier this year and a show review to boot!

Our covers record, SHAPES AND VARIATIONS came in at #5 in both of their TOP EPs of 2010 and 2010 BEST COVER SONGS year end lists, along side bands like White Sea, Twin Sisters, Holy Ghost, Sufjan Stevens and others.

In the world of covers The Robotanists are fucking Picassos. They took a slew of played out pop songs and remade them in their own image and in doing so breathed new life into what should just have been a typical collection of covers.”

“Dance Dance Dance” was reworked [ROBOTANISTS] to the point that if you didn’t know any better you’d assume Lykke Li was covering them.  They take ownership of this track and never look back.


Big thanks also to WildTonic.com for giving our Jay-Z Cover “Exiled State of Mind” the #2 spot in their best covers of 2010 list! We came in ahead of some amazing artists like Cee-Lo, Bird and the Bee and others!


SYFFAL also gave a nice belated review for our show with KISSES in Los Angeles last month… read on and check out pics @ ShutYourFuckingFaceAndListen.com

We’ve also received a few blog mentions when news broke that we had a release date for our new record! Read more below…

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Thanks to everyone’s support throughout the year!