Wow, it’s been a crazy year, spent mostly in the studio… recording 2 records, making 2 music videos, releasing our 2nd CD and our first 12”… so here are some of the highlights as they happened….

We started the year in the studio working on a collection of covers that we decide to release in April, as SHAPES AND VARIATIONS. We also recorded an additional track during those sessions, for an itunes exclusive release, that we were commissioned to do by Apple and Curt Smith of Tears for Fears (more info on that later).  In the process of making SHAPES AND VARIATIONS, we were asked to donate a song to Uncovering a Cure: Volume 1, a fundraising album benefitting AIDS PROJECT LOS ANGELES. We gladly gave them our cover of Bryan Adams’ “Heaven” and participated in a great event at the Roxy Theater in Hollywood to coincide with its release. That night we shared the stage with Oh Darling, Ruby Freidman, Pollyn, and a few more stellar artists.  The following week we released SHAPES AND VARIATIONS digitally worldwide through our label, Overhead Records, and began work on a new music video for the first track on the record, “Exiled State of Mind.” Arranging the music of others was a pallet cleanser for us, allowing us to start writing a ton of new material, and venture off into new directions… all of which will be showcased on our new record in 2011!

Late last year, we partnered with Hunnypot Music Unlimited Publishing, who have been working hard to place our music in TV and film all year!  We also signed off on licensing deals with MTV Networks, and Bunim Murray Productions, garnishing us some great placements on ABC’s Private Practice, as well as several MTV shows and movies throughout the year, keeping our first record CLOSE DOWN THE WOODS in the spotlight all year (KCRW also helped immensely, keeping “Wait a Minute Here” in rotation all year long).

We performed all over the West Coast in the spring and summer, joining forces with some amazing local promoters, like Edgar Varela of EVFA, MFG, KCRW, LAFreebee,com, Beatcrave.com, I Promote Good Bands, Hear Gallery and more. With their help we performed at plenty of stellar events, like Bloomfest LA, The Downtown Art Walk, School Night @ Bardot (voted best party in America by Paste Magazine!), and many more.

In the fall we decided to release our first 12”, CURRENT, while we continued to write new material, and shot our 2nd music video to coincide with the vinyl release, this time for the first track on Side A, “Wait a Minute Here”. We also took some time to demo some of our new material for one of our favorite new websites, Gorillacoustic.com, performing the title track for our 2011 record, “Plans in Progress” and another new song, “Have We Met Before?” for the first time live. Then in August, as the summer was winding down, and we had already been humbled by all of the great things said about our first release of the year, we got a great editorial feature in Filter’s Ragged Magazine!

After the September release of CURRENT, and an awesome album release party at Origami Vinyl, we decided to relaunch our digital store through BandCamp.com, and put out a bunch of new merch… then we were off to the studio!

We began pre-production of our new record PLANS IN PROGRESS, with producer, Danny Kalb (Ben Harper, Karen O, Beck, Feist), and started tracking at Bright Street, a cozy little studio owned by Pierre de Reeter of Rilo Kiley, that has also been home to Vampire Weekend, Lykke LI, Obi Best, and Sia to name a few.

Around that time we released our two music videos, “Exiled State of Mind” directed by Byron Turk and Jessy Plume and “Wait a Minute Here” directed by Lloyd DeSouza. Then we were off on our first mini tour in the south!

We traveled up the coast to San Francisco, Santa Barbara, out to Las Vegas and then down to Austin, Houston, and New Orleans, visiting friends, family and playing shows along the way, and came home to the news that for the 2nd year in a row, we made it to the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards ballot for our album SHAPES AND VARIATIONS and a few of our singles.

We performed with some amazing bands this year… KISSES, Obi BestWhite Arrows, Seven SaturdaysKindest Lines (New Orleans), Dark Water Hymnal (Austin), The Baker Family (Austin), Jean-Eric (New Orleans, Fran Healy (of Travis), THREADSPINNER,  WET & RECKLESSFENCESTHE HEAD AND THE HEARTLA GHOST, Kitten ,  Spirit VineFOL CHEN, Light Pollution, Crocodiles, Voxhaul Broadcast,  RumspringaVanaprasta, THE GOLDEN FILTERThe Hundred in the Hands , POLLYN, BOXVIOLET, DOWNTOWN/UNION, Red Cortez, and Restavrant,  just to name a few !

We also very humbly garnished a handful of excellent reviews, write ups, mentions and interviews, from the likes of Filter, The Deli, BeatCrave.com, BuzzBands.la, InTraffik.com, Wild Tonic, and others!

Along the way… our guitarist, Daniel DeBlanke had the privilege of sitting in with some incredible bands, like WAIT. THINK. FAST, TWO GUNS, and Spirit Animal.

And of course, throughout the year we made a million new friends and fans, and other bands, all of whom that we hope to grow with.

As for 2011…

We have a new record, PLANS IN PROGRESS coming out, February 15th on our label Overhead Records!!! So, we’ll be celebrating every Monday in February at the Silverlake Lounge! After that we’ll be heading to Austin for SXSW and will be on tour afterwards! Stay tuned for a new music video and our cover of “Ideas as Opiates” on an iTunes exclusive Tears for Fears tribute album benefiting Alzheimers.org at some point. We’ll hopefully be putting out another 12” before the end of the year as well, and who know what else! See you then!

So thanks to everyone that made 2010 so amazing… Happy Holidays to all! We’ll see you next year!