Exiled State of Mind, “a perfect translation”

Wild Tonic recently gave us another great review of our video for “EXILED STATE OF MIND,” exclaiming…

“The hip hop anthem for NYC had been beautifully turned around into an ode to the City of Angels – something softer and more intimate just by keeping the melody but changing the words.

It’s a gorgeous listen;

lead vocalist Sarah does such a wonderful job of putting an elegant veil over the melody with her velvet-smooth voice and the mixing for the track is amazing. It’s a perfect translation for a place that is less hectic than The Big Apple. When you’re watching the waves crash on the beach or just walking down the streets of Silverlake, there’s a lot of time to relax and think about some things – because you can in such an environment.”

~ Seraphina L.

Read more, watch the video and download our single “Wait a Minute Here” for FREE @ WildTonic.com.

“Exiled State of Mind” appears on our latest release and 12″ vinyl, CURRENT and is available digitally at the ROBOTANISTS STORE, at iTunes and everywhere else on the web.  Stay tuned for the premiere of our next music video, for “WAIT A MINUTE HERE“, (also on CURRENT) coming soon!

ps. Check out this fan posting as well on dreamcrack.wordpress.com!


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