Behind the Scenes of a Dreamscape…

We just shot our second music video, this time for our song and quasi-Jay-Z cover,


The track appears on our upcoming 12″, CURRENT and on on our covers record, SHAPES AND VARIATIONS, and the video was directed and shot by our good friends BYRON TURK,  who is most notably a camera man, tornado hunter, and fearless blogger on Discovery Channel’s “Storm Chasers,” and photographer JESSY PLUME.

Photo by Jessy Plume

We met Byron and Jessy early last year when we did a photo shoot for a Toys for Tots benefit, called “Childhood Observed,” sponsored by  Jessy took stills of the band that day and Byron captured video of us behind the scenes. The pair have been working in tandem with bands for a few years and even shot the warped tour together, capturing both video and stills and when we hit it off with both of them instantly, we knew we’d work together again at some point.  When we finished our cover of Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” we gave them a call. As both director and cinematographer, Byron shot the video beautifully, and Jessy spent the day, capturing stills and helping to set up the scenes.

We shot the video in one day at and around AREA 11 STUDIO in Downtown LA. We self-styled and showed up at the space in the evening. We roamed around town, listening to the song on our ghetto blaster, drank a  little vino and captured a dreamscape that we can’t wait to share.


We’ll be debuting the video for “Exiled state of Mind” (as well as our video for “Wait a Minute Here”) around the time of our 12″ release. After that, Byron will be shooting the next season of “Storm Chasers” in October and will be directing a horror movie this fall called Welcome to the Bates Motel, based on the real life world famous haunted house and hay ride, of the same name, in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania  Please visit for more info about his many projects! And stop by for more info about Jessy’s photography and other upcoming projects.

See more behind the scenes photos here HERE, and video HERE, and stay tuned for the final cut!


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