BLOG: July Update

Vinyl + New Music at last…

Our first 12″ vinyl record,  CURRENT is finally available to PRE ORDER WORLDWIDE via Overhead Records! The record is tentatively set to be released on August 24th, and we’re planning on doing a record release in store performance at Origami Vinyl the first week of September. We’re working out all of the details still, but we’ll let you know when everything is finalized. The mastering process for vinyl has taken longer than we expected, every step has been a surprise, and we’re still finalizing the packaging as well. In the meantime, we’re already working on the next project!!!!

We’re back in the studio demoing songs for our next album, which we plan on recording in August with Producer / Engineer, Danny Kalb. He’s most recently been working on Beck’s “Record Club” series, but has worked with Karen O, Neon Neon, Wilco, Feist, Thurston Moore, Ben Harper and lots of other great artists, so we’re really excited to be joining forces with him. We’ve been writing feverishly and will be debuting a new track at each show we play until we get in to the studio to record everything properly. The demos are coming out great, so we can hardly contain our excitement. The material is upbeat and progressive but passionate, and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do! We’re definitely heading in new and exciting directions!

Most of our new material was written in the aftermath of our most recent trip to my hometown, New Orleans, earlier this year, and started out conceptually, written as a series of first impressions. The songs look at all sides of the interactions between people and places when they first meet, or come face to face with a perspective or situation for the first time. The first track is called “Have We Met Before?” Another track, “Terminal A,” is rooted in the first time I went back to New Orleans after moving to Los Angeles, and how I got a “second chance and a first glance,” if you will. The title track, “Plans in Progress” is rooted in that moment when friendship becomes more and you examine yourself  as a person in love for the first time. We just performed a version of it for that really came out great! Check out the ACOUSTIC VIDEO we made! We’re actually heading down to the Mayan coast of Mexico this month to finish writing lyrics and do some relaxing before we head into the studio, which should help ease the stress of making an album so quickly.

In other news we’re finally done with the video for “Wait a Minute Here.” We’ll be unveiling it the first week of august. And, we’re shooting a video for “Exiled State of Mind” this month, that we hope to release at the same time, both coinciding with the release of our 12″.

And finally, IN TOUR NEWS… you can see us on stage twice this month:

July 28th @ LaBrie’s / Presented by & / with Vanaprasta & Rumspringa

July 30th The Downtown Music Project @ California Plaza / Casa (Downtown LA)

There’s always more news coming…  stay tuned!

xo sarah