Reviews Keep Rollin In…

Last week and EVFA hosted our record release show for SHAPES AND VARIATIONS at the monthly downtown LA event, THE GARDEN PARTY!

Thank you to everyone that came out to celebrate with us! Here are just a few of the great reviews of the show!

“Sarah Ellquist de Blanke of Robotanists struck me right away as a sexy little blonde but then, when I heard her voice, I kinda fell in love. Robotanists are a band everyone has to see live. I’ll even go as far as to predict they’ll be on the Coachella lineup next year.” ~

“The band’s set list mixed in some old tracks, covers, and a new track that highlighted their rich pop driven sounds and unique arrangements… I went home with a newfound appreciation for the band. When listening to their recordings it is easy to get lost in Sarah Ellquist’s magnetic voice so it was refreshing to see them live and have other members stand out along with her shining vocals — most notably the driving rhythms Preston Phillips drums and Daniel de Blanke’s guitar solos.” ~

ROBOTANISTS @ The Garden Party / 4.10.2010 - Beatcrave11
“There’s nothing like seeing a band you love cover a song by an artist you adore. For a second, you feel that you and the band get to share the perfect experience, after all you do share the same great taste for music. That’s how Robotanists made me feel Saturday night… the sound was great (and sexy, these kids always manage to be sexy)” ~

“The Robotanists take ownership of the INXS classic “Never Tear Us Apart.” ~ Wasted Efforts



… AND, here’s a small sample of what the blogoshere is already saying about SHAPES AND VARIATIONS…

“If you’re The Bird and The Bee or Robotanists, cover albums come off as genius… Every track [on Shapes and Variations] is completely breathtaking. They are one of the few bands in LA who create down-tempo music that has the same integrity as a hardcore rock song.” ~ Wild Tonic

“Robotanists do a great job of creating the soundtrack to your life in LA… “Never Tear Us Apart” is the stand-out track…  Robotanists give it a sweet and soulful makeover, complete with Casio tones, driving drums, and a lonely and powerful guitar solo. The song comes crashing down at the end like the INXS version never did, but you always expected it to. Effects and all – they find the soul of this song and expose it for what it is, a heart-wrenching song about the pain of loving so much it hurts.” ~ LA Buzz Blog

“Sarah Ellquist, Daniel de Blanke and crew use songs like Lykke Li’s “Dance, Dance Dance,” the Black Keys’ “All You Ever Wanted” and INXS’ “Never Tear Us Apart” like putty. Most fun, though, is the reshaping (and gender-flipping) of Joe Jackson’s “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” — which, when Ellquist sings it, becomes a long cool drink of water called “Are You Really Going Out With Her?” ~ BuzzBands.LA

Joe Jackson’s classic [“Is She really Going Out with Him”] gets a gender bend and couldn’t sound sexier. “Dance, Dance, Dance” is reworked to the point if you didn’t know any better you’d assume Lykke Li was covering them. Seriously go compare the two… the band was challenged to make the most overplayed songs listen-able again. They rose to the challenge and then some.” ~

If you’ve had the chance to listen to any song on the new album, there’s no need to explain its greatness, but just in case — Shapes and Variations is an album of covers that takes songs such as “New York State of Mind” by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys and turns it into something original and relatable, even if it is a cover of a hip hop song by an indie pop band.”  ~


SEE US IN CONCERT NEXT @ SPACELAND on Monday April 26th, with RESIDENT ARTIST Helen Stellar!!!!


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