ROBOTANISTS to release “best of” on VINYL!

Overhead Records just announced that they will be releasing ROBOTANISTS’ first vinyl record!

Aptly titled CURRENT, the record will include hand picked selections from the band’s previous records, including songs like, “Wait a Minute Here,” ‘Close Down The Woods,” “Exiled State of Mind,” Dance, Dance, Dance,” and others!

Included with the album will be FREE MP3 downloads of both full albums, CLOSE DOWN THE WOODS and SHAPES AND VARIATIONS.

Each limited edition record will be hand numbered, in a durable clear jacket, and made of randomly colored 150 gram deluxe vinyl… so NO TWO WILL BE ALIKE!!!!

CURRENT will be sold via ROBOTANISTS online store, at shows and at select west coast retailers.  The album’s release date is still to be confirmed, so stay tuned for more info!


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