Why The Black Keys will probably love SHAPES AND VARIATIONS…

Our cover of the Black Keys song “All You Ever Wanted” began back in 2008 while we were recording our album CLOSE DOWN THE WOODS

We started working on arranging various covers to perform live, when The Black Keys were about to release their album ATTACK AND RELEASE. To coincide with their album release Paste Magazine encouraged fans to cover a song from the album and make a video… this was our submission. We quickly threw together a demo version of this song and created a video from the Prelinger Archives and to our surprise we won!

Daniel subsequently got a shiny new Gibson guitar and we got some kudos from the band and their label out of it, which was pretty cool!

Fast forward to the summer of 2009 when we decided to officially put out a covers record… this was immediately at the top of the list to get re-arranged and recorded properly.   So here it is, with the original “video of the day” we made for PASTE Magazine, with the brand spakin’ new audio that appears on SHAPES AND VARIATIONS!!!

Stay tuned for more videos from ROBOTANISTS’ SHAPES AND VARIATIONS, coming soon!