New Orleans bound…

Now that we’re finally done with our covers record SHAPES AND VARIATIONS, its time to buckle down and finish some new music (for the tentatively titled album “Who Dat / Robota Whats?”)! So Daniel and I are heading back to my hometown this week to celebrate the carnival season, work on lyrics, play a little guitar and march with the Societé de Sainte Anne from the Bywater to the French Quarter on Mardi Gras day … HERE WE COME NEW ORLEANS!!!!! Last year we marched in pretty fancy cockroach costumes… we’ll let this year remain a surprise!

Don’t worry though, we’ll take plenty of pictures and video… and if we have a spare moment, we’ll be doing some daily blogging as well! If we can fit any king cake in our suitcases, we’ll be sure to bring some back to serve at our next show in town!