Tour Blog: CMJ + NYC // Days Three, Four, Five etc

So we’re actually back in LA now and you might be wondering what happened to the rest of our trip. Well,  it’s a bit of a fog. On day 3 we did manage to do some spontaneous performances around the city. It was 80 degrees out, so we took advantage of the weather and spent the afternoon in Central Park. We got some amazing videos of our impromptu performances that we finally uploaded to our YouTube Page… other than that our days pretty much consisted of Eating. Drinking. Eating. Drinking. Music. Eating and then Sleep…. Oh and keep in mind the following events might have happened in a different order, but it did happen. Note the lack of actual concert going. Woops.


So back to Day 3 // OCTOBER 22:

Slept late again and really didn’t recover from the night before until the evening. We met up with a friend from LA (photographer, Brandon Greeley, who by the way got some amazing pics of us roaming around performing). We played a few songs for some strangers and headed to the Boat House in Central Park for cocktails.Which of course led to food somewhere else, some “ZA” in honor of Keith having to go home early. Then the Yankees game started…. I’ll let Dan discuss:


Standing outside of the “Za” place, a cougar pulled the whole “what’s your story” line on me.  The whole time she’s talking, I’m trying to look around her head at the baseball game. Which I missed entirely. Sometimes in LA I think, “I miss living in a place where people have to actually interact with each other on the street”, then this shit happens.

I miss my over-priced duplex, smog, gangs and personal space.

We all jumped in a cab, and raced down 2nd avenue listening to the bars explode with screams and cheers at every light we stopped at.  Min you, it’s 70 degrees at 10 pm. Gorgeous night. Hot, sticky, summer time quality.

Down in the bowery we hit up our new hang, “Stanton Public”, for some “x-tea-na” shots (whiskey, triple sec and cranberry), then head over to the Bowery Ball room for : insert band name that we didn’t actually listen to :

they were great.

Back at the Hell Ya! party we started arguing with the bass player from Pete and the Pirates, actually his girlfriend.  They are 110% british in every way, except they had decent teeth. Our argument was about Doves. I think Doves are massively under-rated.  Pete and the Pirates and their girlfriend mostly thought they were shitty and boring.

Snowden (from Some Cities) is one of my top 5 songs.

The other 4 are surprisingly NOT by Pete and the Pirates.  (Pete and the Pirates by the way have played every show, every time slot, at every venue here at CMJ.  All the while stil maintaing a children’s music show and brand).

Good hang though guys, make sure and call us when you get to LA, so we can argue about how we knew you at CMJ, and you still did not know us at all.

4 am… time for bed.


Day 4 // OCTOBER 23:

Eating. Drinking. Eating. Drinking. Music. Eating. Went back to the Pure Volume House where we got massages and somehow managed to steal all of the clothes from the mannequins at the Artist Lounge, with the help of a Minneapolis band called Maudlin and singer Zenobia Dolli (who is also one of Sarah’s Best Friends from College)… Good times! Oh and we also removed all of the hands and arms in a free-alcohol fueled disaster.  After the hi jinks we watched our friend Court Alexander’s band “The Prayer” do a rockin set, and said hello to all of our friends at Future Sounds.
At some point we ran across the street to the Bowery Ballroom, but the band sucked… so we headed back to our pad for the week to sleep. Everyone except Preston that is. He ended up sleeping in a tree house with some swingers in Brooklyn… in a place called D.U.M.B.O. We eventually found him… on day 5!

Day 5 // OCTOBER 24:

Preston stumbled through the door just in time for us to make the plan to split up for the day.  Preston and Brandon were headed to do some graffiti sight seeing, and Dan and Sarah we’re going to go to the Statue of Liberty and then ice skating at Rockefeller Center (which didn’t happen because it started to rain). We stopped and had an amazing meal at Perilla on the Lower East Side… and then as usual the night progressed… With the rain Pouring we found a spot to do some Kareoke and continued with our routine: Eating. Drinking. Eating. Drinking. Music. Eating. Sleep

Day 6 // OCTOBER 25:

We jumped on a plane and headed back to LA in the evening…. And landed just in time to here our song “Wait a Minute Here” being played on KROQ!!! What a week!

Next trip…. SxSW! We’ll see you there!


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