Tour Blog: CMJ + NYC // Day Two

What a day 2! Let us begin by saying that it is 1 PM est and we just woke up. Somehow without doing much we still manage to stay up until 6 am….

Day 2 // OCTOBER 21:

So yesterday was full of free stuff, food, bars, more food, more bars, and some Big Buck Hunter. The day actually started at 5 am when we got breakfast (although we hadn’t gone to sleep from the night before…. so following our bacon and eggs we slept till noon. Then we headed to The Pure Volume artist lounge for what was nothing amazing, but did involve some free stuff. The beardos were too nervous about getting a free haircut, and by the time we had enough free beer in us to take the edge off, the free haircut line was too long. Oh and surprise, hair cutters don’t really want to give free haircuts to a bunch of guys in hats. Dan actually had a conversation with a haircutter about the fact that he had a hat on. Guess what, no one in this gang is getting rid of their hats to show off a free haircut. pure volume

We did get roped into twittering about some products in order to get free stuff (yes we are consumer whores). After all free things were packed up we headed back down Bowery for some old ass pizza, but you know how people are when they go to NYC… “this pizza is soooooo amazing!!” even if it isn’t.

The next hour or so was full of roaming around the neighborhood looking for guitar shops, and passing lots of CMJ venues with lines around the block. We ran into our friend Rich from Art of Broadcast around the Cake shop, who reminded us of the Spin party we had planned to go to, and we probably would have gone to if we hadn’t decided to watch a dodgers game instead, lol. We found a bar to settle down in and make a game plan for the night and next thing you know we were doing shots with the bartender who used to live in K Town and Keith had a hat on. That’s right, not only did we see Keith log into facebook for the first time for some free headphones, he did shots with a bartender and wore a hat. If you know Keith, then you know these are pretty significant party developments.

So as the dodgers lost, we played Big Buck hunter in a bar and chatted with locals who were confused by our marching band style jackets, skinny jeans and funny hats, and at 2 am we realized we had completely forgot to go to the Spin party, or any other CMJ activities. We did however realize that we can turn any night into a party. Oh, and on a side note… Tune into KROQ 106.7 (in LA) this Sunday night to hear Kat Corbett play “Wait a Minute Here.” We love you Kat!

Cmj day 2

So Day 3 has started… heading to Central Park. We’re going to try to make it to the Hell Ya! Party tonight to spread some LA love… but we might end up at a Brooklyn Vegan party instead. This is the time we should actually be using the domain we bought to start blogging. Oh Well.

PS. We’ll continue telling you all about our adventures on our TOUR BLOG, so keep checking back for more info!