Echo Curio Wrap Up… and More

Thanks to everyone who came out to Echo Curio last night to party the night away with us. The night started out with the  The Rhone Occupation, a great band with a really cool debut EP out right now, so go download it for free from their website, and then The Lynx Technique took the stage, bedazzling us with their hotness!ROBOTANISTS @ Echo Curio 6.17.09 – 1979744_n

We went on last, and were excited to see so many new friends and familiar faces… here’s a few that made an impression on us…

Thanks to Kevin Poush & Aaron Bradford of Two Guns, and Eric Balmer from Fielding who made the trek up from Long Beach, and to Blake from San Diego’s Dreamtiger, for coming to the show, and chatting us up! And, thanks of course to the locals who turned out, Jacqueline Santillian of Wait Think Fast (who has an incredible voice and presence so go buy her CD), Ray Lew of Shaped Like a Gun (the Philipino Kurt Cobain – yes he exists), Patrick Thomas of The Capshuns (who we just played with at the Silverlake Lounge) and we can’t forget One trick Pony‘s Randolph Williams III, who closed the place down with us… BYOB’n ’til the lights went off (We hope you got your bacon wrapped hot dog… one day we’ll all stop being douches and make a bossa nova record together – sigh).

And there were a few more fellow ISGOOD bands hanging out, much to our delight… members of The Monthlies, Spirit Vine, Garland, and The Transmissions to name a few!

BIG BIG BIG thanks to Dan Grayson, our ex-melotron player and the man that wears many hats under the name Yes Means Yes. He put on a spectracular light show, suffering only a few minor electrocutions. Thanks also to Brandon Greeley who turned out again to take some pics (if you’re in a band, hire this guy). @ShuffleShuffle (Andrea) babysat our HD cam all night, so we should have some cool videos on our youtube page this week – so stay tuned! Oh, and we saw a lot of other flashbulbs going off too, so If you’ve got some pics from the show, please email them to us at

Biggest thanks to Jon Hershfield the patron saint of, and host of “…Is Good” on, for putting his stamp of approval on the night, and helping to get the word out!

Now, on to the next show…. TONIGHT!!!! with Vanaprasta on  @ BONDST LOUNGE @ the Thompson in Beverly Hills!