Silverlake Lounge Wrap Up…

Thanks to everyone that came to our show at the Silverlake Lounge on June 2nd!

Our friend and photographer Brandon Greeley was there and got some great pics (we’ll post them on Flickr this week). We also got some great video footage that we’ll be posting on our YouTube page very soon!

ROBOTANISTS @ Silverlake Lounge 6.2.09 - 2335908

Next up: 3 more chances to see us (in LA), in 3 very different ways…

6/17 @ Echo Curio ( show… ALL AGES / BYOB)


+ ACOUSTIC SHOW with Vanaprasta on  6/18 @ BONDST LOUNGE @ the Thompson in Beverly Hills! More details coming soon.

+ 6/20 CRITICAL MASS @ Mr. Ts Bowl (Presented by in Highland Park! with The Shade,  Seasons, I Make This Sound, and Blue Jungle!