ROBOTANISTS Strike a Pose for Charity…

ROBOTANISTS were recently the subject of a special photo shoot at Los Angeles’ Griffith Park, to help a worthy cause.

Entitled “A World Not Gray – Childhood Observed,” the band spent the day recreating scenes from childhood, eating sno-cones and spraying silly string under the lens of photographer Jessy Plume, while videographer Byron Turk (Discovery Channel’s Stormchasers) shot behind the scenes, and interviewed the band in between takes.

The shoot is a part of a multilevel effort to start 2009 creating awareness for Toys for Tots, with the help of numerous LA based bands. The final photos will be available for auction, in addition to one of a kind art pieces created by each of the bands involved, with all of the proceeds benefiting the charity.

All of these efforts will ultimately be culminating in an mid 2009 fundraiser concert in Los Angeles, featuring local bands on the rise, and benefiting Toys for Tots.

Auction and event locations and times to be announced.

Behind the scenes…

See more behind the scenes photos (taken by Susan Lee Phillips).

Please support the Pinwheel Palace in Griffith Park!


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